Fynbos Node


We maintain a number of automatic weather stations, tipping bucket rain gauges and temperature loggers at our main study sites (see map below). Three of our high altitude weather stations can be accessed online to view live weather data and the record over the past month. These include Dwarsberg in JonkershoekConstantiaberg Peak on the Cape Peninsula and Engelsmanskloof in the Cederberg. A long term analysis of the Jonkershoek rainfall and streamflow can be viewed in our Catchment Monitor.

We hope to add links to the data in the near future, but in the mean time please contact us if you’re interested.

We are also running a network of temperature and humidity loggers throughout the Cape Peninsula and started collecting Eddy Covariance data in Jonkershoek in 2019. These data are not yet readily available through our datasystems as we are still troubleshooting quality assurance and quality control protocols, but if you are interested you are welcome to contact us.