Fynbos Node

The SAEON Fynbos Node forms part of the South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON), a business unit within the National Research Foundation. The Department of Science and Innovation established SAEON to conduct long term environmental observation and promote an informed and timely response to global change. 

SAEON is countrywide, with “Nodes” encompassing the major terrestrial, coastal and oceanic environments. Its activities cover the entire research-development-innovation value chain ranging from collecting, processing, archiving and interpreting data; developing data products and services; and interfacing with end users that include policy makers and environmental managers. 

SAEON works in collaboration with government agencies, universities, research institutions, industrial partners and civil society.

Our Science

We ask three major questions critical to informing decision-making for maintaining and improving our environment and associated societal benefits, namely

Our Science

What determines the composition and diversity of communities and ecosystems?

Our Science

How does the composition and diversity of communities affect ecosystem processes and societal benefits derived from these processes?

Our Science

How do global change factors alter the composition and diversity of ecosystems and subsequent ecosystem function?


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